Monday, September 26, 2011


So a lot can happen over one weekend! I was in Idaho for a debate tournament (shows ya how big a nerd I am) and after my first debate round I found a text message on my phone from none other but guess who??!!! DANIEL! WaHoo! So we started to casually text, and he wished me luck and the such. Any who the whole weekend we continued to text, and he is a really nice guy, and when he found out that I was feeling under the weather he took a picture of a flower and sent it to me saying hope you get better soon! How cute?!?!! Super cute. So he also suggested that we hang out and go on dates and the like and of course I said that sounds fantastic!
So today I go to my math class as normal and we sit next to each other, then he walks me to institute, and I saw all my roommates, and gave them the eyes that said, look at this guy. Then he asked if he can stay, so of course I say yes. After he walked me back to my apartment, where we talk for a little while before he has to leave for work, but before leaving invites me to family home evening.
So around 6:30 he picks me up, in his nice new car and takes me over. We had fun playing games, eating bbq food, and playing more games. While we were eating he asked me if I like German Opera, I told him I sing music similar, and he invited me to a German Opera on next Thursday the 6th of September.
Wow, what do I wear to an opera?
Well now you know sometimes only one elbow touch can equal a date! ha ha thank you professor Lynn poulsen! Oh and he would like to watch a movie tomorrow night, :) Nice guy!
Oh ps. he is lucky! I took first place in Parli debate!
Afton Michelle

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Gosh boys just have to ruin all your fun, right? Well from the title I'm betting you can all guess that I am a wimp! That guess, my friends, would be correct! UGH, I was so ready to initiate the second touch, but no Daniel has to sit behind me in math class and Eric decides not to show up to public speaking. Its just my luck, I think everything is going pretty good, then the roller coaster makes a turn! Well on the bright side, today I sneezed, and he said "bless you" accompanied by a nice friendly smile, and he also walked me most of the way to my class, even though it was a bit out of his way. Next week I'll be brave, I have 5 days left to complete the experiment, but I don't have class tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so really I have like a day??!! Wow I didn't do the math until just now, man I wimped out at the worst time. Pictures have been requested, and I will post their pictures, there is just the problem of taking them. If I just take one that's super creep status! and not to mention will deplete all the work I have put into this. So here is my plan...
A. Get them to ask me out on a date (pending)
B. Be a good, fun date
C. Pretend to be someone who takes pictures of everything! (this part eliminates some of the creepiness)
D. Ask to take a picture together
E. Post pictures here for the enjoyment of you!
After that I will have to ponder up a new plan, but until then I'm sticking to this one!
Wish me luck!
Afton Michelle

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Touch one= touch down!

So I did it! Touch one of three is complete, for Eric, and Daniel!
They both happened very similarly. Erics elbow was on my desk in institute, so i casually bumped it lightly, I'm not even sure he noticed it. Daniel was sitting in front of me and I casually reached across the table to grab the other side and had brief contact with his elbow.
Now after math class was the exciting part, at least for me. Daniel walked me to my next class, is elbow touching a success? I think yes! So Daniel said that he can't find his connecting cord for him to give me the quadratic equation, so I guess I'll have to look for mine, so we can spend some time out of class... being math nerds, but none the less time is time.
So all this time I have been trying to flirt with Daniel as my courtship and marriage professor suggests, but I think the boy who sits next to me might be mistaking it as me flirting with him... well isn't that, well, awkward. But I have not touched his elbow, so we should be good.
The downfall of this week is that we only have class Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday, which if you do the math means that I have to touch Daniels elbow everyday. But wait, here's the catch, its Tuesday, and yesterday he came late to class and did not sit anywhere near me, so tomorrow I will have to touch his elbow TWICE!? Ugh that could be interpreted as being a little too touchy if I don't play it right, but I want him to ask me out on a date soon, so guess there are no other options. Well really I could wait, but what is the fun in that?? none, there is no fun in that.
So wish me luck!
Afton Michelle

Friday, September 16, 2011

In the beginning....

So This is my first month at college. I'm experiencing many new things, and meeting many new boys. After going home and telling some friends about my experiences they have told me that there should be a t.v. show about me and it would be called awkward flirting with Afton. I'm Afton, by the way. I didn't really think that I was an awkward flirter, but I guess we'll find out after sharing my many experiences.

So now its time to catch up on all the drama so far. Last week I was sitting in math class, just like normal, when the guy who normally sits in front of me turned around and smiled at me. He turned back around, then he looked at me again, turned around again, then after a while turned back to me, this time he had intentions of looking longer, so basically he was blatantly starring at me. He finally worked up the courage and said "Hi". I smiled back and said "Hey".
The next day he sat next to me and once again looked at me. He turned away, then turned back to look at me, then turned away again, then turned back, extended his hand and said, "Hi my name is Daniel, what's yours?" I said, "Hi my name is Afton," all while shaking his hand. He said "that's a unique name," I said, "Yeah, pretty unique."
Then the next day I took a test and was late to class. I had to sit in the back, because all the seats where taken in the front. It turned out Daniel was late to class to and sat on the opposite side of the class room, but a few rows in front of me. From my perspective I could see everyone in the class room, including Daniel straining to find me, make eye contact and wave. I waved back of course. At the end of class I was leaving and saw Daniel let everyone go in front of him until it came to me, so he could walk by me and ask how class was. Coincidence? I think not!
Now its a week later, and I'm determined to talk to him, unfortunately I don't have math class on Fridays. Fortunately yesterday I did have class, and I had the guts to sit right next to him. I sat down and he asked how I was, I said, "Good, how are you?" He said he was pretty good, I said, "Well that's a whole lot better then horrible!" he said ya. As class progressed our teacher was showing us how to use our calculators, and then Daniel showed me his calculator and showed how he has the quadratic formula on his calculator. If you don't know how to work a ti-84 calculator, like myself, that's pretty cool. So I said, "I don't have that on my calculator," He said, "I programmed it into mine, I could program it into yours sometime." I said, "OK" Then he slide a paper over to me and said, "put your number there," while pointing to the paper.
So I gave him my number all the while squealing like a little girl in my head. After class we talked a bit before heading our separate ways.
So today in my courtship and marriage class I found out how to get a date, all you have to do is ACT. A- be animated, friendly and happy. C- closeness, be around them often. T- touch, throughout the week touch him on his elbow three times. Research has found this to be the 2nd most responsive area to touch on the human body. If you ACT then its typical that you get a date! So now that I am armed with secret weapons  I plan to test and see if this whole act thing works next week.

 My next experience started in public speaking class. We had to give a speech relating ourselves to some item. I chose to relate myself to my rainbow umbrella. After I gave my speech I was walking back to my seat, when a boy named Eric told me that I did a really good job on my speech. I said thanks and sat down. Later he gave his speech and related himself to his guitar. It was really good, each point he made he would play a different song in the background, and he was really good at the guitar. I looked at my friend and said, " I can't talk to him," She said, "Why?" and I said, "because I'll fall in love with him." She laughed at me, but I'm a sucker for a good guitarist.
Later that day we found we had institute together. He sat behind me and told me that I did a really good job, I told him, "No you did a really good job." He said thanks and we listened to class. After class I looked at him and said, "So your Hawaiian?" He said, "yes." I said, "Sometimes I say I'm Hawaiian," He gave me a very puzzled look. I then said, "well my dad got the priesthood from his friend who is Hawaiian, and has Hawaiian priesthood lineage, so technically all the blessings I get are Hawaiian, right?" He said, "yeah that totally counts, your Hawaiian."
After we chit chatted for a min. before parting on our ways. I see him in both classes and chit chat, but I think I might attempt the ACT on him to, but unfortunately I'm 5'8 1/2 so pretty tall for a girl, and Eric is not the tallest guy. I'm not sure if he is taller then me, but I prefer taller guys, so maybe ill walk by a mirror with him to make sure I'm not taller before attempting to ACT.

So there ya go, my crazy adventures of college, and boys.
Afton Michelle