Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year a New Kiss?

So as New Years approaches I have been pondering...

So I did some research and here is what I found....

- From Answers...

The custom of the kiss can be traced back to the Ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, and observances around the Winter Solstice at year end. Later, the New Year's Eve kiss would come to be seen as a barometer for things to come. In old English and German legends, the first person you came in contact with when the bells chimed midnight, be it a familiar friend or just an acquaintance, set the tone for your happiness and fortune in the coming year. A kiss with one you loved ensured good tidings, but to have to kiss someone less favorable, or not kiss anyone at all, would mean misfortune in the upcoming year.

-Wiki says...
In some Western cultures, it is a custom for people to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Some hold the superstition that failing to kiss someone ensures a year of loneliness.[18]

- And whether you like them... or not Huffington Post writes...
According to English andGerman folklore, the first person you encounter in a new year -- and the nature of this encounter -- sets the tone for the rest of the year. A kiss is about strengthening ties you wish to maintain in the future.If a couple celebrating together doesn't take the time to lock lips, it doesn't bode well for the relationship.

So now that we know why people kiss on midnight of New Years eve lets learn some more!!!

How TO get a New Years eve Kiss.
1. Get a date or be a creep.
1. a. Get a date- Getting a date involves asking someone on a date with you. I know this may be difficult for many of you. If you are too afraid to mutter the words, "Will you go on a date with me?" just say, "Do you want to hang out?" We all know that "hanging out" is really code for, "I want to go on a date with you but I'm too afraid to just ask you out."
1. b. Be a creep- If hanging out is still too intimidating for you become a creep. I am personally really good at creeping on people on facebook and such. Use your creep skills to discover where your crush/ special someone will be during New Years. After you discover this secret be there as well.
* Side note- DO NOT BE TOO CREEPY! This will turn your crush away from you faster then a cheetah on a skate board. Do NOT physically creep through their place trying to discover where they will be because I will not vouch for you if the cops try to haul away your behind.
2.Come Prepared- this involves many aspects like...
-put on deodorant and wear perfume/ cologne
-brush your teeth and eat mints/ chew gum
-brush and do your hair nicely
-wear a cute outfit
-extra moisturize your smoocher
-be confident! After all it is key!
3.Chat it up- talk to many people at the party this does many things including helping you to make friends or maybe meet another special someone if the one you're there for turns out to be not so great.
If you are a girl and you only talk to girls... You are not giving guys an opportunity to talk to you, you are staying in the wolf pack, and the wolf pack is intimidating to guys.
If you are a girl and you only talk to guys... when you read the previous you may have discovered what is referred to as the wolf pack. This wolf pack will turn on you and try to find the best way to destroy you because you crossed the territory line.
If you are a guy and only talk to guys... well your giving off the wrong vibes.
If you are a guy and only talk to girls... you may be viewed as a player.
4. Mention that you wouldn't mind  a kiss- Subtly tell your crush/ special person that you wouldn't mind a New Years kiss. Key word here is subtly. Maybe you would write a Facebook post about it, maybe mention it in your blog... perhaps like I am :) *if you know who you are, you know who you are!
5. Be around your crush before midnight- This is obvious!

Now if you DON'T want a kiss, do the opposite of all the previous, you could also bring your Grandma to the party... because that is weird!

Hope you don't get mano!
Have fun and Good Luck!

Afton Michelle!

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas Dating List

So there is probably no worse time to be single then during the Holidays. There are so many fun activities to do if you have a special someone and you notice those fun activities even more when you don't have a special someone. Because of this I have decided to compose a list of dates and activities that would be absolutely perfect with the season, maybe if I'm good Santa will bring me some of these dates shortly?

1. Temple Square Lights!- This should be a no brainer! Girls like the whole stand in front of the temple and lights and take a picture with a cute guy. You can tell girls like to do this because they immediately post their pictures to Facebook for the whole world to see. By doing this they are showing him off to their friends and saying, "Look how cute he is! He took me to temple square to see the lights!" There is something about lights that is just romantic and gives an ambiance to a date, which brings me to...

2. Light a lantern- I personally have never done this but I still would like to some day. Even though it may be cold outside it would still be magical to light a paper lantern and watch it float into the night sky. This activity may or may not be combined with watching of the movie Tangled. If the girl is a hopeless romantic like some people I know *cough cough*(me) she would deeply enjoy the movie tangled, then you can surprise her at the end with a lighting of your own paper lanterns.

3. Ice Skating- Now while skating inside is fun and stuff nothing say awww like Ice Skating outside. Luckily for us we live in Utah and there are a few spots available to do so. South Jordan has a great place to ice skate outside, and if you click the South Jordan it will take you to a website with more information. This ice skating rink is a good inexpensive date too!

4. Christmas lights- Now there can be many variations on this so I advise you to make your own creative spin on it! Where I live we have two great options for lights. First the pond, Salem city is so wonderful to decorate the pond so wonderfully. It's a great spot to drive around, talk a walk around, and probably the best... steal a smooch on the bridge. Now the only thing that could possibly make that smooch more cute would be to steal it in the snow. Its a perfect movie moment! Now another great option would be The Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork. With prices around $7 a vehicle its not very expensive and definitely note worthy! If you know of a house that has their lights dance to the music that would be a good option as well. You also could create a judging rubric and go on a tour around your city to decide which house has the best lights! Any of these options should/could be combined with hot chocolate!

5. Sledding- while it is an option I find myself tired after wards and my nose gets really cold. It still can be very fun as long as you come fully prepared for the weather! This could also apply to building a Snow man, or having a Snow ball fight. Just remember if you are a boy and you engage in a Snow ball fight still be gentle and don't hit her in the face with a Snow ball, that will definitely loose you points!

6. Dancing- This I saw just recently while I was out and about finishing up my Christmas Shopping. There was a cute couple who were shopping as well. A Christmas song came on and the guy insisted that the girl dance with him. Girls may be slightly embarrassed that they are dancing in public but deep inside behind her blushing she loves that you have that much confidence to show her off a little. Now you should be creative with your dancing.. if you need help here is a list of do's and don'ts
Do's...                                                                            Don'ts
under twinkly lights                                                         wrapped in twinkly lights (you'll probably fall over)
while you light a lantern                                                   while you light her on fire
to Christmasy or romantic music                                     To music sang by a dog
(if you are good at singing you could possibly                  To music that you sing and you DON'T have a
serenade her with your voice)                                          GOOD voice
in public                                                                          In front of an old folks place
in private                                                                         In someone's bed room while they are sleeping
by a fire place                                                                  In a fire place

Basically shy away from lighting her on fire, bad music, and in an inappropriate place and you should be well off.

7. Bake something- Now this is cute and a fun inexpensive idea as well. You can make a gingerbread house, make cookies, decorate cookies, make candies or basically anything delicious. Don't make fruit cake or jell-o, that would be weird. You could also deliver some of the goodies to neighbors and friends, and that way you don't get a belly ache from eating too much of them.

8. Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie- well you don't specifically have to watch a Christmas movie, any cute movie will do the trick! Oh hint... if you spy over at the girl once in a while and make sure she catches you spying she might ask you what you are doing or why you are not watching the movie, if you say "I'd much rather look at the beautiful girl sitting next to me," well you might just melt her heart a little bit! Blankets are a good addition, fire places are nice, next to a lit up Christmas tree is good, just be cute!

9. Go out to dine- Dress up all nice and go out to eat. Make sure that both parties of the date know to dress up nicely. Dressing up nicely always makes everything feel more special, also you can combine this with a few of the options above like numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8. Also when you are dressed up all nice and take pictures you look extra cute!

10. This is where you get cute, creative and fun. Spontaneity can be fun but secret preparation to make it seem spontaneous but still prepared for unfortunate events is very greatly welcomed.  Use your imagination and sweeping a girl off her feet should not be so hard.

So if you are reading this, which by this point it obvious that you are, go share a special moment with someone this special season! Maybe I'll be so fortunate to have one of these special moments myself!

Wish me goodluck!

Afton Michelle

Monday, November 19, 2012

Are those Wedding Bells?

Well yes I am hearing Wedding Bells but they are for my awesome cousin Brielle Jensen soon to be Brielle Smith, I'm guessing tomorrow can NOT come soon enough for her! I hear she reads my blog so SHOUT OUT! Congrats! Bryant is one lucky guy to get such a cutie like you!

So besides that loveliness I have an update!!

You know I have included attractive man in like three post now so I'm really flirting with the creep line! But not so much any more! Yesterday I talked to him, well I tried to compose myself enough to talk with him and keep myself from turning into a giant tomato. We had a casual conversation and did half of our business transaction. He gave me the goods and I was not carrying cash... luckily! Now we have to plan to meet a second time to finish the transaction. Yeah I know I'm
                                                    One Smart Cookie
Any way, today me and some friends were going to hang out, get a milkshake and play some games. I called up attractive man and left him a message, unfortunately he did not get back to me early enough. :( however we rescheduled for Wednesday!! I think it might be safe to call this a date? I am indubitably excited!

Besides all that madness My friend comes home in T-2 days 1 hour and 20 minutes until the day he gets back. If you are interested in knowing that is 49 hours 2959 minutes 1775760 seconds and 177550000 milliseconds. Now if you have not thought I was a creep in the past you maybe thinking right about now this is what I look like, and this is probably what I do on a daily basis...
Ha this is a gold mine of awkwardness and awesomeness!
Well when the eve of Wednesday falls upon us make sure you wish me luck! Knowing me I'll need it!
Afton Michelle!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 Reasons my Thanksgiving break should ROCK!

This is pretty relevant about my life

I believe this picture really represents me, frequently!
So I was told that this next week and a half should be very exciting and interesting for me, so I figured I should update anyone else who seems to stumble across my blog every once and a while.

I'm excited to try my hand at this flirting thing again, I know I'm not the best but hey I can only get better, right?

One of my friends is coming home from his LDS mission in T - 6 almost 5 days!
Their are many, many stories associated with this friend, his code name shall be... Clarke. Any way, Clarke went to highschool with me, he was a grade older, and a master Jedi. I shall begin with our adventures in DisneyLand. We went to California on choir tour and while we were at Disneyland he kept dropping hints that he wanted to hold my hand. Oh by the way when I say dropping I mean like practically begging me to hold his hand. He would tell me that if my hand got cold his was warm and could warm mine up. He also told me not to worry or get scared because he was a Jedi master and would protect me. After many more hints I decided it would be fun to make his night. I saw him walking in front of the group and decided to tell the group to watch what I was about to do. I walked up behind Clarke and grabbed his hand. I'm pretty sure that he released a squeal, his jaw dropped and he immediately had to inform the group that I was holding his hand! I felt something like...
Will Smith
So on to the next adventure!
Cheesy!Prom was vastly approaching, and I still had not been requested to attend as a date, but I still had my hopes high. It was about two weeks before when I started to be asked by my friends whether or not I had been asked by a guy. I replied no about a billion times befor I realized that they were assigned covert missions. They were sent by someone else to determine if I was avaliable for the taking. I started to put the puzzle pieces together when one day I recieved a rose and a DVD on my porch. The DVD read watch me, so of course I did. I'm thinking about posting the video... but I might need some convincing from friends, or people who read my blog ;) ;). The video was made by Clarke and was set up like an old school dating game. The game was titled "Win a Prom Date," each of my choices were Clarke dressed in different attire, in a different location and a different persona. He was sensitive, he was hard core, and overall he was goofy. I like goofy, after all I am goofy! My last option was his sister holding a body pillow, She said your next contestant... a body pillow, while soft and comfortable not avaliable for prom, ha genius. It was fallowed by Clarke with some cheesy music in the background. He explained to me that he was all the guys and that he would love to take me to prom.
Cheese ball! see ---> and ^ yeah those are cheese balls!

But on the inside I felt like...
Aaaawwwee, CUTE!
So of course I went and had a fabulous time.
                                          Oh thats us, don't we look dashing?!
Any who, we only went on a date or two after that, it was fun! See, what did I tell ya? A pair of GOOFS!

Well he shall be back soon, and I'm excited to see him after two years.

I'm scheduled to meet with attractive man this weekend! Yahoo! Sure it is to do a business transaction with him, but still maybe I can work magic? I was once told by a guy that girls do this magic thing or something where we can get guys to do anything for us, we just have to shake our hips or something and they just fall under our spell? I don't think this is true, but this is where you as my "viewers?" come and comment and tell me what you think! Do girls have magical powers that allow them to trick boys into doing whatever they want?
Hopefully I can work some kind of magic or something cuz like his alias name implies... he is attractive!

I am supposed to meet with an old flame/ current flames mother for lunch or some other various entertainment, and to catch up. This has a really, really, I mean REALLY BIG back story, so I shall save it for another time!

I have been trying with various others to flirt, I'm sure its awkward for everyone, but if I do happen upon luck and get a date any time soon, wish me more luck!

Afton Michelle!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall, Fall, Falling in love?

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall! All the beautiful colors, and leaves everywhere, just makes ya wanna bundle up, go for a walk and fall in love! Or if you me, creepily stalk people, ha just kidding... kinda.

So this week I am determined to go on a date with this guy... we shall call him attractive man. I have met him and talked to him, so I'm not a complete creep, but if you know me you know that I am creepy non the less. So any way, attractive man is well, really attractive, and an amazing singer! He posted a video of him singing a song, and said song will not get out of my head. Not that I mind watching him sing it, I just think my roommates are rolling their eyes every time they hear it playing.

I first met attractive man at a group social, he looked at me, kind of gave me a funny look and then looked away. A minute or so later he turned back around, smiled one of the most gorgeous smiles that I have ever seen in my entire life and introduced himself. If you know me you know that I have this condition called I get embarrassed very easily. So because of the lack of pigmentation in my skin I light up like a lobster just pulled from the pot. I say hi, and pray that my face will not ignite the whole room. So it is completely obvious that I think attractive man is attractive, hopefully I just don't blow it before I even get the chance to know him.

Unfortunately attractive man lives an hour away from me...:/ Maybe I can go home tomorrow night and come up with some sneaky plan for him to get to know me, or to get him to ask me on a date. Well I was reading a pin on pintrest that said men like women to take the initiative, so what do you think? Should I just ask him out on a date, or should I trick him into asking me on a date? Either way I'm determined to go on a date with him.

Everyone in their life time needs to go on a date with an extremely attractive person, said person may not have a personality that you love, or is a complete doofus, but non the less, everyone should at least go on one date with an extremely attractive person. I believe that everyone should strive for the total package and never, NEVER settle. There is someone out there that will completely love me for who I am, and I will love him back completely for who he is.

P.S. True Badger night is approaching quickly, if you don't have a badge picked to lock lips with ya, maybe you should do some searching this weekend! Good luck!

Afton Michelle

Friday, June 8, 2012

I introduce... the awkward photos!!

Life is not easy when you are awkward!
This is my very first date, as you can imagine from the look on my face,
It was Super Awkward. 
This is what we call the awkward balloon! It occurs when one
goes to give another a fist bump, and the another does not
give a fist bump in return. The originator of the first fist bump
then must retaliate to other options to make sure they do not
look awkward, or as thought they just missed out on a fist bump.
Unfortunately when one does not think this situation all the way
through they may end up in another awkward situation, like starring
at an invisible balloon. 

I made this one extra large so that you can see the awkwardness. Once you see it,
you will understand! (hint: look to the upper left hand corner!)
First kiss? ha ha nope, its strange and awkward so that is
why it is here! Me and a friend have a ritual of sorts of kissing
a lucky brick at Disney land. I guess its supposed to help us
find a husband that will be a good kisser? who knows! 

Yup I'm standing right in the middle of a bunch of guys, one is
even trying to kiss me and what do I do? Make a face of horror
and awkwardness! 

Monday, June 4, 2012


So I was not super social during spring semester due to that crazy thing I call life which includes... school, debate, traveling to Italy, cadence, and work. Since I have been home however I have had a few experiences ;).
1st a cute guy by a wrong name= unable to find on Facebook.
So I met this cute guy in my institute class. I attended preparation for an eternal marriage, the first day I saw him we were practicing asking other people questions, so we were basically speed dating. That class is jam packed with girls and only a few boys so that and my bad luck meant that I was going to be playing the role of a boy for a night and that unfortunately meant I wouldn't be meeting the cute guy. We were on our second to last person to question and the cute guy came from across the room to sit in the seat next to me. He was asking the other girl questions, but right when the instructors told us to switch he looked at me and said that he wanted to talk to me!!! BOY OH BOY, could you imagine my excitement! Unfortunately he makes me so nervous that I couldn't carry on a decent conversation.
Then I tried to look him up on Facebook and failed many times to find him. Then one day... TODAY I was looking and found him! The biggest problem in my search was I was looking up a completely wrong name! Well now we are officially Facebook friends, and hopefully soon to be real friends!
2nd Parker
I recently competed in the Miss Salem Scholarship pageant. I received Spirit of the pageant award ( or Miss Congeniality). My awesome friends came to support me, unfortunately one was not able to attend so my friends had and extra ticket. My good buddy Kyle invited one of his old mission companions. After Miss Salem his companion asked for my number and he gave it to him. He started texting me and told me that he was Kyle's companion, I said oh sweet, we should hang out sometime. By we I met that me, him, Kyle, some of my other friends, he thought we= me and him. So he asked to hang out the following Monday, which we did. We went to a park and went on a small hike, then on Wednesday he asked to hang out again. So I met him in Provo and we went to a park. Then he asked me on a date for Saturday, but I had to re schedule for Friday. Guess what we did... we went to a park, then went to go see a movie but ended up at a park. I had to let him know that I'm not really interested, which was incredibly awkward for me.
Well wish me luck with guy number one!
Afton Michelle

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

tutoring the badger?

So I administered the test, but not without problems. First the door was locked to the room in which I was supposed to administer the test within, and I had printed off the test and placed it in the room. So there I was sitting on the floor waiting for the mystery man to show up. Once he arrives we chit chat and discover that he is in fact the mystery man. So after trying to contemplate what to do I come to the conclusion that I could pull it up on my phone and he could take it from my phone. So we went to a different room and while we were walking he asked me, "so you work in the speech lab?"
"yeah, sort of"
then get this he said, "So do you do private tutor sessions as well?"
"uhhhh...... sure"
So I think he may be interested, but me and him never cross paths, so I don't think that I will see him again or that we have a chance of actually going on a date.

Part 2
So many of you may know that last night was true badger night. The full moon was shining, the bell tower was solid in the same place, and the lips were puckering.
I went to party with my fellow debate friends and ate a billion crepes. Then We decided we wanted to party even more and go to the dance to dance the crepes of... naturally. So I'm keeping my eyes open in case there is a boy who catches my eye, and there is one. Only problem is that he is kinda apart of my friend group. So in the long run I didn't become a true badger, but if that boy would have asked I probably would have thought twice about becoming a true badger. However one of my roommates has an interest in him, so its tricky if I should make a move on him or not, and I'm even confused as to what kind of move I would be making. Well we will see what happens! wish me luck!
Afton Michelle

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creepers be Creepin!

So my "roommate", she doesn't really live with us but I consider her a roommate, any way. My roommate has a public speaking class this semester and she noticed a cute boy. She came home one day and told me about this boy, and said that me and him would be very cute together. So what do we do?? Of course we whip out the computer, log onto facebook, and look him up. What did I think? He is cute but I think I am more receptive to actually talking and getting to know someone. She said he didn't look the same in real life, so then I have to see him in real life, but the only place I know where and when he will be  is in my roommates public speaking class. Luckily for me I work in the communications department, her teacher is my forensics coach, and I'm currently working on a big project. Last Wednesday I nonchalantly stopped by her class to catch a peek and "talk to Malynda about work" that was the cover at least. No one who didn't know would have known. I thought he was cute, but still we didn't talk and I had never seen him before. I had almost given up my search of him when almost all of my roommates saw him at one of our friends inter mural basketball games. I went to a few games but never saw him. So this week I had just come to the conclusion that I would probably never see him, I decided that I could never come up with a scheme that would glide smooth enough. I gave up on my search. Then today I went to work and My coach said that she needs me to administer a test to one of her students tomorrow. She then told me his name, and it was my guy! Its fate!! I'm supposed to meet this boy, and we are supposed to be cute together!! Well I'm a bit nervous to actually meet the guy who's name I know, I know where he went on his mission, and yet he does not even know I exist! Well wish me luck!
Afton Michelle