Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Seeing as next week is finals, and most my of my actual finals are this week I probably should be studying, but I thought blogging or studying...OBVIOUSLY blogging won that battle.

I was sitting on the couch chatting with my roommate when I realized that I have not posted recently and that I am probably over due. So back to the title NINE DAYS!

One of my really great friends comes home from his mission in Nine Days, that's enough to count them on my hands. I can't believe that this day is actually approaching.

Also in NINE DAYS one of my best friends is having a reception, and getting married in Ten DAYS! I'm so excited for her, so here is your shout out KAMALA POULSEN!! :)

In honor of the 9 day count down I thought I would write nine facts about men and women.

1. Women are telepathic, Men are telepathetic. Women can read each others minds, Men are pathetic when they try to read any ones mind.

2. Men take ten minutes to get ready, Women can take 10 hours. Getting ready is a process for Women, Men don't rush them, Women be considerate. :)

3. Women think they are not as pretty as they really are, while men think they are more handsome than they really are (a great example is the Dove Beauty Campaign, and the Spoof!)

4. Women give directions based off of landmarks, men give directions based on numbers. This doesn't mean that either gender is bad a giving directions, just that women should tell women how to get to places and men should tell men how to get to places, problem solved!

5. Men give their honest opinion when asked, Women will always give you opinions, whether you like it or not.

6. Men can eat anything and not feel guilty about it, Women can eat nothing and feel guilty about eating everything.

7. Men don't read directions and can't figure how to set something up, Women do read directions and still can't figure how to set something up.

8. Men will answer you in Yes or No, and manage to not really answer your question. Women answer in almost every word besides Yes or No and still manage to not really answer your question.

9. Women see more colors then Men. Women see magenta, coral, peach, plum, and mauve. Men see different variations of Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Oh and P.S. awkward moment of the day and a note to a random stranger...

When I am walking to school and you (random stranger) drive past, I can see you crank you neck to look at me, it's awkward. Say Hi or I'll say GOOD BYE!


Don't ask me how I'm doing while you pass me, I can't answer that questions in the 3 seconds that I have to actually communicate with you. If you want to chat come visit me, if not just say hey like everyone else.

I hope you have a great day and good luck on your dating endeavors!

Afton Michelle