Saturday, October 29, 2011

There is something in the water!

So lots and lots and lots has happened since the last post, I have kinda been busy! So First manner of business, I went to the opera, it was fantastic. First we went to this authentic Italian pizza place, there we met his sister Rachael and his mom. They were both really nice and kind, then his french professor showed up with another lady, who I'm not aware of who she was. So any way, we ate, it was good, then we had gelato, which was very good. After we took Daniels car to a hotels parking lot and hoped in his sisters vehicle. His sister and mom dropped us off at Capitol Theater, we went in, and they were just beginning to shut the doors so they told us to quickly find a seat in the back. We found a seat and sat down, we got and nestled in and Daniel held out his hand to me, ya know just like asking me to hold it, so what did I do you may be asking? I held it! I sure am glad that they keep those places dark because I'm sure my face was a red as a tomato in the middle of July under the scorching hot sun. So then I'm sure my face is glowing like Rudolf nose, but I'm content. Then his sister and mom come in and sit at the other end of the row we were on, they didn't even know that we were there, so Daniel called them over and we sat next to each other. During intermission we decided to go sit up on the balcony, which was really cool. The opera was in German (as previously mentioned) and I was grateful for live subtitles! they were pretty cool. After the opera we went back to Daniels car and were driving home when my mind began to wonder... it had taken this Daniel fella a good two weeks before he decided that my hand was worth holding, but maybe the hand holding was just a warm up for the night. So then the wheels in my mind began to turn, and I was thinking, what if he will kiss me tonight??? So I came up with the perfect first kiss plan. I asked him if he wanted to see where I grew up, because it was on the way back home. He said sure so I guided him to Salem pond. We walked around it on the path hand in hand, arm in arm, it really was quite charming. Then we walked up on the bridge and once we were in the middle I hugged him, looked up at him, did the eyes, mouth, eyes look, waited and ... nothing! nothing! So I decided to give it another shot. Eyes, mouth, eyes, mouth, eyes waiting and again nothing, so I abandoned my plan as he clearly was not on board, and we headed back to the car, got in drove around my neighborhood and went home. I really did have a great time and was glad that he asked me to go.
So since then I took him to a family dinner, and I know that it can be perceived as being serious with a person but I really appreciate my families opinions and want to know asap if this guy is worth keeping around, or if I should just move on before heart break shrivels me to shreds. My brother in law thought that he was too prepared and that I must have given him information, which of course I did. Come on if you love your family you can't help but tells stories about how much you love them, and how awesome they are. But any way...
One day we were at his aunts house and we were upstairs talking to his cousins, his little cousin showed me his moms writing room, so I went in and was admiring the walls and all the personality that they had, his cousin had left and Daniel was there. He gave me a hug and was looking at me intently as if he were going to kiss me, mind you it took two weeks to hold my hand, and we were approaching a week after the opera, so we had been hanging out for about three weeks. I was all nervous inside, when from the other room we hear his younger cousin ask, Daniel when are you going to get married?? Yikes! talk about awkward, any way he stopped hugging me and went and talked to his cousin in the other room. We left, and then him and his brother invited me to go western swing dancing the following night, so I said sure.
They picked me up and we went to the place which is above Roy's pizza, here in Ephraim. Jacob was way cool and showed us some pretty awesome moves, I got picked up and flipped alot, it was way fun. The only horrible, terrible, worst part was the country music!! BLECH! As Addi once put it, "It sounds like a tone deaf hick." Of course that was more said about me making fun of Lady Gaga'sDTRed it up (ya know defined the relationship).
Since all of this fun stuff, Daniel has been testing the "M" word water, and yes I refered to it as the "M" word because I am not sure if I'm ready for that quite yet. Oh and remember that Eric guy, well yeah on Wed. I found out he got engaged the last week, WOWZA! I'm starting to believe that they put something in the water down here that makes guys want to get married so quickly. So will Mr. Welton be right and I be engaged by the spring? Will I go to California next weekend, and Oregon the weekend after that? Well the answer to the second question is absolutely!! but the first will remain a mystery! Wish me luck!
Afton Michelle
P.s. if you haven't tried touching someones elbow yet... silly silly silly, You know you want to!!