Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awkward adventures in Europe!

So just last week I returned from spending a week in Belgium, I know you are jealous, and you should be!

We had many wonderful things including waffels, chocolate and fries!
We also experienced more then we were accustomed to here in the states. This included but was not limited to naked statues, and other provocative items.... we will just leave it at that.

I guess being in Europe brought out the friendlier version of my friend Josh Christensen so what better then to post all of his awkwardness here on my blog!

The first one was when I was unexpectedly attacked by his hug, you can tell the horror I'm feeling inside by the face I'm making on the outside.
 This is Spencer being attacked by Josh as well...
This is where art imitates life, its awkward when you realize Josh is posing like a woman. The most awkward part was when our coach instructed Josh to "stick out your bum more, arch your back more."
 Josh thinks Nikko's wrists are tantalizing.
 Yes Josh is about to kiss Spencer, and it looks like Spencer is enjoying it... never saw that one coming!
 Josh is such a poser!
 Oh and last but not least meet sexy Pope. You can't look at that pose and tell me it is not the exact pose that Kate Winslet is pulling in the Titanic! Maybe only the opposite direction.

So what can we learn from this? Josh is awkward! But in that cute, adorable way that makes you want to always be his friend sort of way... right?!

Well I sure hope so!
Any who hope your week is fabulous, and that this brought a smile to your face :)

Afton Michelle