Monday, November 19, 2012

Are those Wedding Bells?

Well yes I am hearing Wedding Bells but they are for my awesome cousin Brielle Jensen soon to be Brielle Smith, I'm guessing tomorrow can NOT come soon enough for her! I hear she reads my blog so SHOUT OUT! Congrats! Bryant is one lucky guy to get such a cutie like you!

So besides that loveliness I have an update!!

You know I have included attractive man in like three post now so I'm really flirting with the creep line! But not so much any more! Yesterday I talked to him, well I tried to compose myself enough to talk with him and keep myself from turning into a giant tomato. We had a casual conversation and did half of our business transaction. He gave me the goods and I was not carrying cash... luckily! Now we have to plan to meet a second time to finish the transaction. Yeah I know I'm
                                                    One Smart Cookie
Any way, today me and some friends were going to hang out, get a milkshake and play some games. I called up attractive man and left him a message, unfortunately he did not get back to me early enough. :( however we rescheduled for Wednesday!! I think it might be safe to call this a date? I am indubitably excited!

Besides all that madness My friend comes home in T-2 days 1 hour and 20 minutes until the day he gets back. If you are interested in knowing that is 49 hours 2959 minutes 1775760 seconds and 177550000 milliseconds. Now if you have not thought I was a creep in the past you maybe thinking right about now this is what I look like, and this is probably what I do on a daily basis...
Ha this is a gold mine of awkwardness and awesomeness!
Well when the eve of Wednesday falls upon us make sure you wish me luck! Knowing me I'll need it!
Afton Michelle!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 Reasons my Thanksgiving break should ROCK!

This is pretty relevant about my life

I believe this picture really represents me, frequently!
So I was told that this next week and a half should be very exciting and interesting for me, so I figured I should update anyone else who seems to stumble across my blog every once and a while.

I'm excited to try my hand at this flirting thing again, I know I'm not the best but hey I can only get better, right?

One of my friends is coming home from his LDS mission in T - 6 almost 5 days!
Their are many, many stories associated with this friend, his code name shall be... Clarke. Any way, Clarke went to highschool with me, he was a grade older, and a master Jedi. I shall begin with our adventures in DisneyLand. We went to California on choir tour and while we were at Disneyland he kept dropping hints that he wanted to hold my hand. Oh by the way when I say dropping I mean like practically begging me to hold his hand. He would tell me that if my hand got cold his was warm and could warm mine up. He also told me not to worry or get scared because he was a Jedi master and would protect me. After many more hints I decided it would be fun to make his night. I saw him walking in front of the group and decided to tell the group to watch what I was about to do. I walked up behind Clarke and grabbed his hand. I'm pretty sure that he released a squeal, his jaw dropped and he immediately had to inform the group that I was holding his hand! I felt something like...
Will Smith
So on to the next adventure!
Cheesy!Prom was vastly approaching, and I still had not been requested to attend as a date, but I still had my hopes high. It was about two weeks before when I started to be asked by my friends whether or not I had been asked by a guy. I replied no about a billion times befor I realized that they were assigned covert missions. They were sent by someone else to determine if I was avaliable for the taking. I started to put the puzzle pieces together when one day I recieved a rose and a DVD on my porch. The DVD read watch me, so of course I did. I'm thinking about posting the video... but I might need some convincing from friends, or people who read my blog ;) ;). The video was made by Clarke and was set up like an old school dating game. The game was titled "Win a Prom Date," each of my choices were Clarke dressed in different attire, in a different location and a different persona. He was sensitive, he was hard core, and overall he was goofy. I like goofy, after all I am goofy! My last option was his sister holding a body pillow, She said your next contestant... a body pillow, while soft and comfortable not avaliable for prom, ha genius. It was fallowed by Clarke with some cheesy music in the background. He explained to me that he was all the guys and that he would love to take me to prom.
Cheese ball! see ---> and ^ yeah those are cheese balls!

But on the inside I felt like...
Aaaawwwee, CUTE!
So of course I went and had a fabulous time.
                                          Oh thats us, don't we look dashing?!
Any who, we only went on a date or two after that, it was fun! See, what did I tell ya? A pair of GOOFS!

Well he shall be back soon, and I'm excited to see him after two years.

I'm scheduled to meet with attractive man this weekend! Yahoo! Sure it is to do a business transaction with him, but still maybe I can work magic? I was once told by a guy that girls do this magic thing or something where we can get guys to do anything for us, we just have to shake our hips or something and they just fall under our spell? I don't think this is true, but this is where you as my "viewers?" come and comment and tell me what you think! Do girls have magical powers that allow them to trick boys into doing whatever they want?
Hopefully I can work some kind of magic or something cuz like his alias name implies... he is attractive!

I am supposed to meet with an old flame/ current flames mother for lunch or some other various entertainment, and to catch up. This has a really, really, I mean REALLY BIG back story, so I shall save it for another time!

I have been trying with various others to flirt, I'm sure its awkward for everyone, but if I do happen upon luck and get a date any time soon, wish me more luck!

Afton Michelle!