Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall, Fall, Falling in love?

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall! All the beautiful colors, and leaves everywhere, just makes ya wanna bundle up, go for a walk and fall in love! Or if you me, creepily stalk people, ha just kidding... kinda.

So this week I am determined to go on a date with this guy... we shall call him attractive man. I have met him and talked to him, so I'm not a complete creep, but if you know me you know that I am creepy non the less. So any way, attractive man is well, really attractive, and an amazing singer! He posted a video of him singing a song, and said song will not get out of my head. Not that I mind watching him sing it, I just think my roommates are rolling their eyes every time they hear it playing.

I first met attractive man at a group social, he looked at me, kind of gave me a funny look and then looked away. A minute or so later he turned back around, smiled one of the most gorgeous smiles that I have ever seen in my entire life and introduced himself. If you know me you know that I have this condition called I get embarrassed very easily. So because of the lack of pigmentation in my skin I light up like a lobster just pulled from the pot. I say hi, and pray that my face will not ignite the whole room. So it is completely obvious that I think attractive man is attractive, hopefully I just don't blow it before I even get the chance to know him.

Unfortunately attractive man lives an hour away from me...:/ Maybe I can go home tomorrow night and come up with some sneaky plan for him to get to know me, or to get him to ask me on a date. Well I was reading a pin on pintrest that said men like women to take the initiative, so what do you think? Should I just ask him out on a date, or should I trick him into asking me on a date? Either way I'm determined to go on a date with him.

Everyone in their life time needs to go on a date with an extremely attractive person, said person may not have a personality that you love, or is a complete doofus, but non the less, everyone should at least go on one date with an extremely attractive person. I believe that everyone should strive for the total package and never, NEVER settle. There is someone out there that will completely love me for who I am, and I will love him back completely for who he is.

P.S. True Badger night is approaching quickly, if you don't have a badge picked to lock lips with ya, maybe you should do some searching this weekend! Good luck!

Afton Michelle