Monday, December 5, 2011

On to the next one!

So it's been a while... let's not talk about it.
Any way, I'm not too interested in anyone right now, there is another boy in my public speaking class, but I'm pretty sure that he is a pre-mi. Ya know like pre-missionary, yeah so I don't think that he is too interested in dating right now, unfortunately. So my friend Taylor said she would hook me up with some cute guys, but that has not happened yet. Guess I should get out there and try to touch some elbows, but I'm not sure that the guys can feel my light touch, its freezing cold down here in Ephriam, so all the layers may prohibit much elbow sensation.
well, I'm off to do college things like twittle my thumbs, stare at the ceiling, roam around aimlessly, and most importantly stare into the abyss.
Afton Michelle