Friday, June 8, 2012

I introduce... the awkward photos!!

Life is not easy when you are awkward!
This is my very first date, as you can imagine from the look on my face,
It was Super Awkward. 
This is what we call the awkward balloon! It occurs when one
goes to give another a fist bump, and the another does not
give a fist bump in return. The originator of the first fist bump
then must retaliate to other options to make sure they do not
look awkward, or as thought they just missed out on a fist bump.
Unfortunately when one does not think this situation all the way
through they may end up in another awkward situation, like starring
at an invisible balloon. 

I made this one extra large so that you can see the awkwardness. Once you see it,
you will understand! (hint: look to the upper left hand corner!)
First kiss? ha ha nope, its strange and awkward so that is
why it is here! Me and a friend have a ritual of sorts of kissing
a lucky brick at Disney land. I guess its supposed to help us
find a husband that will be a good kisser? who knows! 

Yup I'm standing right in the middle of a bunch of guys, one is
even trying to kiss me and what do I do? Make a face of horror
and awkwardness! 

Monday, June 4, 2012


So I was not super social during spring semester due to that crazy thing I call life which includes... school, debate, traveling to Italy, cadence, and work. Since I have been home however I have had a few experiences ;).
1st a cute guy by a wrong name= unable to find on Facebook.
So I met this cute guy in my institute class. I attended preparation for an eternal marriage, the first day I saw him we were practicing asking other people questions, so we were basically speed dating. That class is jam packed with girls and only a few boys so that and my bad luck meant that I was going to be playing the role of a boy for a night and that unfortunately meant I wouldn't be meeting the cute guy. We were on our second to last person to question and the cute guy came from across the room to sit in the seat next to me. He was asking the other girl questions, but right when the instructors told us to switch he looked at me and said that he wanted to talk to me!!! BOY OH BOY, could you imagine my excitement! Unfortunately he makes me so nervous that I couldn't carry on a decent conversation.
Then I tried to look him up on Facebook and failed many times to find him. Then one day... TODAY I was looking and found him! The biggest problem in my search was I was looking up a completely wrong name! Well now we are officially Facebook friends, and hopefully soon to be real friends!
2nd Parker
I recently competed in the Miss Salem Scholarship pageant. I received Spirit of the pageant award ( or Miss Congeniality). My awesome friends came to support me, unfortunately one was not able to attend so my friends had and extra ticket. My good buddy Kyle invited one of his old mission companions. After Miss Salem his companion asked for my number and he gave it to him. He started texting me and told me that he was Kyle's companion, I said oh sweet, we should hang out sometime. By we I met that me, him, Kyle, some of my other friends, he thought we= me and him. So he asked to hang out the following Monday, which we did. We went to a park and went on a small hike, then on Wednesday he asked to hang out again. So I met him in Provo and we went to a park. Then he asked me on a date for Saturday, but I had to re schedule for Friday. Guess what we did... we went to a park, then went to go see a movie but ended up at a park. I had to let him know that I'm not really interested, which was incredibly awkward for me.
Well wish me luck with guy number one!
Afton Michelle