Wednesday, February 8, 2012

tutoring the badger?

So I administered the test, but not without problems. First the door was locked to the room in which I was supposed to administer the test within, and I had printed off the test and placed it in the room. So there I was sitting on the floor waiting for the mystery man to show up. Once he arrives we chit chat and discover that he is in fact the mystery man. So after trying to contemplate what to do I come to the conclusion that I could pull it up on my phone and he could take it from my phone. So we went to a different room and while we were walking he asked me, "so you work in the speech lab?"
"yeah, sort of"
then get this he said, "So do you do private tutor sessions as well?"
"uhhhh...... sure"
So I think he may be interested, but me and him never cross paths, so I don't think that I will see him again or that we have a chance of actually going on a date.

Part 2
So many of you may know that last night was true badger night. The full moon was shining, the bell tower was solid in the same place, and the lips were puckering.
I went to party with my fellow debate friends and ate a billion crepes. Then We decided we wanted to party even more and go to the dance to dance the crepes of... naturally. So I'm keeping my eyes open in case there is a boy who catches my eye, and there is one. Only problem is that he is kinda apart of my friend group. So in the long run I didn't become a true badger, but if that boy would have asked I probably would have thought twice about becoming a true badger. However one of my roommates has an interest in him, so its tricky if I should make a move on him or not, and I'm even confused as to what kind of move I would be making. Well we will see what happens! wish me luck!
Afton Michelle

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creepers be Creepin!

So my "roommate", she doesn't really live with us but I consider her a roommate, any way. My roommate has a public speaking class this semester and she noticed a cute boy. She came home one day and told me about this boy, and said that me and him would be very cute together. So what do we do?? Of course we whip out the computer, log onto facebook, and look him up. What did I think? He is cute but I think I am more receptive to actually talking and getting to know someone. She said he didn't look the same in real life, so then I have to see him in real life, but the only place I know where and when he will be  is in my roommates public speaking class. Luckily for me I work in the communications department, her teacher is my forensics coach, and I'm currently working on a big project. Last Wednesday I nonchalantly stopped by her class to catch a peek and "talk to Malynda about work" that was the cover at least. No one who didn't know would have known. I thought he was cute, but still we didn't talk and I had never seen him before. I had almost given up my search of him when almost all of my roommates saw him at one of our friends inter mural basketball games. I went to a few games but never saw him. So this week I had just come to the conclusion that I would probably never see him, I decided that I could never come up with a scheme that would glide smooth enough. I gave up on my search. Then today I went to work and My coach said that she needs me to administer a test to one of her students tomorrow. She then told me his name, and it was my guy! Its fate!! I'm supposed to meet this boy, and we are supposed to be cute together!! Well I'm a bit nervous to actually meet the guy who's name I know, I know where he went on his mission, and yet he does not even know I exist! Well wish me luck!
Afton Michelle